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We believe in intelligence.

And not replacing it with AI.

We keep quiet at what we do.

We need great partners to change the healthcare provision.

We have presence in 4 European countries, but also understand that these are uncertain times and we like to keep the circle of partners restricted. Therefore we work and invite selectively specific partners to work with us.

We have different visions such as sustainability, sustainable economic and medical models and most of all, a system where innovation should be a major component of predicting patient pathways in order to drive and create sustainable healthcare organizations. The people who work at us are usually ex-employees of big-consulting firms who drive the same vision as the management team.

We are a group of different organisations under the umbrella of a trademark and mutual ownership.

Best regards from the management team:

Pedro Stark cw1

P. Stark

Managing Partner

Mia Stark cw1

M. Stark

Senior Partner

Rene Burchard cw1

PD. R. Burchard

Senior Partner

Maximilian Bonk cw1

Dr. med M. Bonk

Senior Partner


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