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Gain time as a Veterinary physician with
one single terminal for all the veterinaries.
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Global EMR
FHIR based
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Complete advanced & Secure solution within healthcare

Do more with less effort. Reduce the exhausting admin work.
We aim to bring healthcare together in one place combining both human and animal care. Our terminal is a comprehensive cloud platform that lets you manage your entire practice. We establish a partnership to improve patient involvement, simplify your workflows, and help your practice expand.
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Everything connected with fhir.

Say goodbye to using multiple softwares. Through fhir we simplify both patient journey and your journey.

Made by health professionals.

Most PIMs lack important things such as EHR unification and PACs. We understand that, and we included all the health essentials.

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Ready to accelerate and grow your practice?

Through the control center, you have full control over outpatients and inpatients. Our encounter management is done and adjusted from our healthUX hospital project where speed and minimum clicks are essential.

Curious? Want to see a demo? We would like also to hear your opinion.

"Accessing the whole history of the Pet together with the Imaging is a game changer."
Maria Bergman
"As a Vet I find it very appealing to have everything gathered in the same place."
José Eduardo

Do you fear your migration from the current system?

We designed a program to help you migrate fast or incrementally into our terminal. Our terminal actually does communicate with other softwares and does not stop you to make a more thoughtful migration.


So many essential features.

Appointment management
Outpatient / inpatient monitoring
Medical Records & data migration
Imaging & Labs Integration
Read about the features

Designed to optimise

Our platform automates your processes and customer communication. Just adopt our platform and the same will integrate with your normal workflows.

What features does the veterinary SaaS offer to streamline practice management?
How does the SaaS ensure the security of the information?
Can it integrate with existing veterinary software and hardware systems?
What kind of training and support does it offer to veterinary practices during implementation and beyond?

Join the revolution in Veterinary health.


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