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Nortb initiates expansion to Portugal and the ASEAN - 13 June 2022

13 June 2022
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Nortb initiates expansion to Portugal and the ASEAN

13 June 2022

Manila, Philippines, Release date: For immediate Release

Nortb is fully functional in Portugal and in the Philippines

Nortb Lda, is fully registered and ready to start. As such it is now opening positions for technology and management consultants in Portugal. The same will work as an extension from the Swedish HQ.

On the same timeframe, Nortb Inc, doing business under the name and brand of nortb, has concluded definitely all the bureaucratic steps required by the Philippine government to be fully operational. As of the moment it is as well are opening positions to Customer Support Representatives, Business Sales Development Representatives and CPA's to join our new branch on the Philippines.

“Digital maps and location-based services are key innovations for the future of connected mobility. By leveraging Nortb's technology, we look forward to generating further growth in BPO services and management consulting,” said Nortb's founder and current chairman Pedro Specter."

Most of the processes of Nortb Lda, will focus on the Interim CEO Antony Desmond and his interest in developing projects connected to technology and business automation. As such our new office in Portugal is seeking for senior management consultants with a special insight in Technology, as well opening 5 new Internships for entry level management consultants. The company shall provide technological solutions to specifically the Logistics and supply-chain market.

On the other side, our focus on the ASEAN Market and the BPO business model, took Nortb to offer a new set of services to its clients. Customer Value programs and Customer Support agents will be sitting in our new office in the Philippines providing a service for 24hours / 7 days a week. As such the ASEAN CEO - Faith Joy Española, will be coordinating efforts to set up a team of 5 persons providing these services to all clients of Nortb.

" It is a great opportunity that I joined, see and help Nortb expand its mission. Even without my sister and brother in law due to their leave of absence, I hope helping the management team the best way possible for Nortb to continue to grow and prosper. - Faith Joy Española, ASEAN CEO"

Any questions about the matter should be addressed to Contact Person: Elin Johansson E-Mail: elin.johansson@nortb.com


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