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CW1 announces innovative healthcare ecosystem for outpatient routing and patient pathway prediction - 20 July 2023

20 July 2023
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CW1 announces innovative healthcare ecosystem for outpatient routing and patient pathway prediction

20 July 2023


Stockholm,Sweden, July 20, 2023 -- CW1, a disruptive health management service provider, today unveils a strategic relaunch aimed at transforming patient care. The relaunch, focusing on the expansion of operations into Portugal and re-energising its German operations, represents CW1's innovative response to the evolving healthcare environments in these countries.

"Today's announcement signals a significant shift in our approach as we set the stage for the next chapter of CW1," said Pedro Stark the CEO of CW1. "We're weaving together the threads of innovation and healthcare to create a seamless, enhanced experience for patients. We believe in transforming patient care, not just through our solutions, but through our actions."

Central to this relaunch is CW1's commitment to leverage its digital prowess to predict and optimise patient pathways. This will enable better patient comfort, interoperability of diagnostics and primary care areas, and improved patient experiences. CW1 is helping primary caregivers to fill the existing gap by building a bridge between technology and different healthcare providers that is flexible, patient-centric, and innovative.

The company's strategy involves the nurturing of deeper collaborations with existing healthcare partners and extends a welcome to new potential partners keen on making a lasting impact within the healthcare sector. CW1's unique approach and flexible solutions make it a valuable ally in the constantly changing healthcare landscape of Portugal and Germany.

"This relaunch is more than a strategic expansion, it's a testament to CW1's unwavering commitment to driving change in the global health-tech sector. We're poised and ready to spearhead a transformative journey for the healthcare sectors in Portugal and Germany," added Pedro.


CW1 is a disruptive healthcare Service provider company, deeply committed to the integration of technology and healthcare for the ultimate patient experience. Operating from its base in Gothenburg, CW1 is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, with a strong commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare sector on a global scale.

At the heart of CW1's operations is a strong emphasis on patient privacy, utilising an array of advanced privacy-securing technologies to protect individual data while providing valuable, actionable insights for the healthcare industry. Through its advanced technological capabilities, CW1 empowers healthcare stakeholders to anticipate patient needs, align with optimal treatment pathways, and significantly improve patient outcomes.

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