Unique ex-top-F500 consultants in strategy, management, economy & IT

  • - Offer within 6 hours.
  • - Multiple areas of expertise.
  • - Attractive hourly fees.
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Get help when you need it. Our professionals used to do 100 hours per week for Fortune 500 firms.

  • We solve and have competencies within strategy, management, economy, IT and compliance & legal
  • Flexible contracts and projects. Do you need the person working only a few hours at your place? Sure. Can we take the project and provide a whole team for it? Better. Talk to us about your idea.
  • Experience in any manufacturing, logistics, retail, health, E-commerce, Gaming and other markets.
  • Hire not one, but a team that acts as an interim CEO - a managerial profile entity, with experience and competence, that can steer the organization from the top and assist with business-critical challenges.

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How can CW1 help?


  • Management of management-teams
  • Business Strategy Advisory
  • Strategic business units advisory & management
  • ESG reporting advisory
  • Creation of reports, budgets and forecasts


  • Management of IT-teams
  • Digital Strategy advisory
  • ISMS & Cybersecurity implementation
  • ISO27001 implementation


  • Management of operational teams
  • COO as a service
  • Compliance & legal advisory
  • Business plan & business modelling
  • Risk assessment & risk mitigation

Our consultants, usually jump in because:

Long sickness or absence-leave

Hire a consultant to fill the gap if a key employee goes on long-term sick leave, parental leave or needs other leave for a period.

Need of outside expertise

If the strategic, IT or management department sometimes suffers from peak load, or if it has completed a major project, we can manage the day-to-day tasks, so that your project manager can devote himself to the project.

Transition between jobs

Hire us to ensure time for the handover from the departing employee, peace of mind to find the right candidate and handover when found. With us, you ensure that all knowledge is passed on and that nothing is lost.

Difficult projects and critical business

We come with unique sets of experience in handling risky projects. It can e.g. be in connection with acquisitions, mergers, implementation of new systems or other business-critical projects. In these situations, we help to create an overview, direction and calm for the organization.

CW1 consultants are flexible and self-motivated

We make the difference from day one.
Having worked for Fortune-500 allows us to quickly identify the areas that require attention. In addition, you can lower your fixed personnel costs, as you only pay for the effective hours.

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flexibel consultant

Our Process


Send the RFC with your need and how can we help you.

KYC & Scope

We meet to define the scope of the project and assign a team.


We start the project and follow up with you all the way.

We do not compromise on quality. This means that you are always guaranteed a deliverable but we also reserve the right to not accept the project if we think it falls out of our scope.

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Short notes about us

We are an international consultancy group with companies registered in Sweden, Portugal and The Phillippines (blue), and a presence in 3 different continents (yellow).

80% of the people who are part of us, have worked before at Fortune 500 consultancy firms, and are experienced with different markets and projects. Also, we keep speed and efficiency in our work philosophy.

Our business model

We combine the expertise of three different areas Strategy, Management (finance and legal) and IT. As such our offer is vast. We don't usually work on a single consultancy basis, we prefer to make a project and assign a whole team to it (For the price of 1 consultant).

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Or call us at: +46 031 126 413
email: rfc@cw1.com

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