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What if intelligence would make your medical workflows faster?

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Intelligence as a service

Everyone wants to work with smart colleagues. Having the most intellect increases patient experience and how he/she experiences medical treatment as well optimises the providers workflows. However smart people are not always available for hire. What if intelligence was a service?


  • -> Healthcare Workflow Optimization
  • -> Patient Experience enhancement
  • -> Financial Management and Optimization
  • -> Technology Integration
  • -> Risk Management
  • -> Governance Analysing
  • -> Change Management

CW1 in action

CW1 measures everything. A simple operative task can affect the patient outcome. Through the comparison of patient data among patients with the same demographics, we are able to identify cost reduction while reducing patient journeys and improving patient mobility.

All this while complying with all regulation and cybersecurity under an AES 5-layer Advanced Encryption Algorithm and cybersecurity standards such as ISO27001

Process in detail

Even when data is centralized, data standardization projects can take years. We’ve built an ecosystem to cut this process down to weeks, for both real world data and historic clinical trials data.
Start of week
Review project hypothesis and how workflows are performing. Review reported breaches in governance and performance that might impact hyphotesis.
Middle of week
Detect how the workflow is implmented and the interactions impact.
End of week
Assimilate data into the lake for processing and idea formulating.


Healthcare institutions are trusted with the stewardship of highly sensitive data, and concerns around access, security, and management often prevent full use of this data.

CW1s ecosystem is fully anonymised, not being able to access data other than the relevant to detect inneficiency.
Start of week
Clear data-lake and configure access levels.
Middle of week
Organize the data funnel to clear unrelevant data or encrypted data, and sort the data according to its medical or operative impact.
End of week
Report inneficiencies and breaches found with the workflow and how this increase the risk factor.
End of week
Process the data into a full fledge hypothesis to be implemented.

Drive change

Driving change is hard. A system that is validated to work is hard to be questioned if it is the most efficient.

That is why CW1s model is based on hypothesis formulation and triphasic layer stacking for scenario evolution.
Interviewing stakeholders facilitates CW1 decision analysis and accuracy of data gathered. Also our intelligence and strategy processors, will be able to report accurately and timely immediate change to optimise processes and improve patient experience.

Our aim is to bring forward a new healthcare system based on the nordics system.

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